In August 1988 the Modern State of Greece (a Great Power fabrication strategically created in 1829, a state which is neither related to the Ancient People nor their City-States) decided to change the name of its illegally annexed northern province from *Northern Greece* to *Macedonia*!?
Why did the Greek government do this? Why didn’t they do this a decade earlier? The reason is because they knew that Communism was about to collapse, and the winds of change would sweep throughout Eastern Europe. They knew that the *indigenous* Macedonians from across the border in the Socialist Republic of Maced would declare their independence and resurrect *part*of their Ancient State! Communism collapsed in Europe in the late 80’s and early 90’s. The indigenous Macedonians in Yugoslavia achieved their independence in 1991.
The name change by Greece was a ploy to *muddy* the waters in order to suppress the Republic from using the name Macedonia and proclaiming that it was the only one with exclusive rights to the name! From then on a Greek state sponsored propaganda campaign was put in action!
As part of their world-wide (anti-Macedonian) propaganda campaign the Greek government in 1988 organized (would you believe) a so-called gift for Australia as part of their bi-centennial celebrations! It was an exhibition of archaeological treasures which included items supposedly found in King Philip II of Macedon’s tomb in 1978 (by an Archaeology Professor who was born in Asia Minor! Need we say anymore!?)
The exhibition was deliberately dubbed *THE TREASURES of MACEDONIA*! This choice of title had sinister intentions and was cleverly chosen! After the local Macedonian community protested, the Australian government insisted that Greece drop the word *MACEDONIA* from this title. But instead of dropping the name, Greece threatened to cancel the so-called gift to the Australian people and the Australian government bowed to Greek demands, allowed the exhibition to go ahead as was, thus sparking further protests from the Macedonian community. Other countries declined the Greek offer to show the treasures in their respective countries!
Sporting *greasy* wet looking hair do’s a Maltese friend of mine and I went to see the exhibition which was held at the museum in Melbourne to see what the fuss was all about! I had my trademark distinctive *hair-part* which only hair-styling *grease* could maintain! Plain water sprayed through my hair, then combed failed to achieve this desired look. My friend (whom I call *Malta*) had and still has shoulder length black curly hair! Hair-styling *grease*is not appropriate for him! Rather, he *lathers* *hair-mousse* through his hair. *Mousse* (he tells me) meets the requirements of his hair needs!
At the entrance there was this big sign which read in blue writing TREASURES OF MACEDONIA. It was accompanied by a blue sixteen pointed sun-symbol on a white background. (funny, I thought the Sun was yellow in colour?) Blue and White stripes are the colours on the Modern Greek flag! I immediately knew that something fishy was going on!

Macedonia =Makedonija is a *Slavic* name. Make =Mother, Don =Domain, Make-Don = Mothers Domain.

*MAKE-DON* IS NOT A SUB-SAHARAN / AFRO-ASIATIC NAME! Who’s *Mothers Domain*? The (highly civilized) indigenous Pelasgian, Venets/Enets, Lyncestians, Paeonians, Brygian/Phrygian, etc tribes that lived on the territory of *geographical* Macedonia. They spoke dialects of the same *word*/’Slov’/proto-*Slav* language from at least 7,000 BC. (according to Cyrillic like inions found in the Republic of Macedonia, formerly the Socialist Republic of Macedonia within federal Yugoslavia) Later, from around 800 BC (according to mainstream history) they united in a single kingdom/state under the name Makedon. (Notice the *Dom* in Kingdom!) *MAKE-DON* IS NOT THE *MOTHERS DOMAIN* OF THE SUB-SAHARAN / AFRO-ASIATIC MYCENAEAN COLONISTS AND/OR THE HETEROGENOUS PEOPLE OF THE ANCIENT CITY-STATES (WHO WERE FORMED LATER AROUND 800 BC) NEITHER OF THESE ENTITIES PENETRATED PAST THE COASTAL REGIONS OF CHALCIDICE. SO HOW CAN MAKE-DON BE THE *MOTHERS DOMAIN* OF THE OFFSPRING OF THE TURKISH CHRISTIAN REFUGEES WHO WERE SETTLED IN THE 51% GREEK OCCUPIED PART OF MECEDONIA FROM THE 1920’s ONWARDS?! (NOT TO MENTION *OTHER* IMPOSTORS FROM 1913!)


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