Michael A. Dimitri-contemporary Macedonian ,gives his EXPLANATION about the origins name of the ancient Macedonian.He first examines the Greek claim that the name Macedonians means *Highest*or *Mountaneous* who came from the mountains to conquer the valleys,or the *Highest Mountains* which is also reference about their original location.He dismissed the support of this claim that is derived from the SET UP geneology of the Macedonian Dinasty Ardead,who offered the ancient historians Herodotdus and Tycidius in 5 b.c.He independently REPEATS THE POINT OF BADIAN:THAT SUCH GEONOLOGIES WERE MADE UP WITH POLITICAL BACKGROUNDS.He ADVOCATES EASIER AND MORE BACKED UP AND MOST POSSIBLE DERIVATION ABOUT THE NAME “MAKEDONIA”�,which : LIES in the Prehistory. Dimitri says:During that period in many parts of the world THE MAIN WORSHIPIING THAT WORSHIPED THE EXISTING CIVILIZATIONS, while they educated how to cultivate, settle, and unwild the land where they lived, Was THE LAND they DEFINED AS GODESS. This **EARTH GODESS** was SHE as a MOTHER, who BROUGHT them FOOD, CEILINGS UPON THEIR HEADS, who were UNCONDITICIONAL for SURVIVAL. AS A GIFT FOR HER BLESSING, huge part, from this cultures named their LAND as EARTH in ACCORDANCE with THEIR version of **MOTHER EARTH**. A well known example about this is Italy ,which name originates from *ITALIA* – ancient MOTHER of the same PENINSULA. In indo-european languages, where BELONGS AND THE MACEDONIAN,THE BASIS *MA* quite OFTEN, ASSOCIATED WITH **FEMININE, WOMEN, AND MOTHER*. The following examples are : *MATER* in latin, *MADRE* in spanish, *MAMA* in english and *MAJKA* in Macedonian. As well the basis of the word *DON* means *GIFT(PODAROK)*. The following examples are: *DO DARE* in latin, *DAR* in Spanish, and *DONATE* in English and *DONESE* in Macedonian. If we ADD the word *MAJKA-MOTHER* upon the thus formed base *DON* along with it is TYPICAL INDO-EUROPEAN END on the nouns *JA* we will OBTAIN the word *MAJKADONIA* OR *MAKEDONIJA*. The name Macedonia ORIGINATES from the prehistory and its meaning is **THE MOTHER’S GIFT* OR *MOTHER DOMAIN*. The are other evidences which would support this FACT as are the writings written whereas the MACEDONIAN MOTHER-EARTH is NAMED AS *MA*. Also there are present historic references old few millennia related to the so CALLED people *MACEDONIANS*


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