While the Macedonians in the north (that’s all of *geographical* Macedonia today) have always referred to themselves simply as Macedonians, the various races that have inhabited the territory south of Mt. Olympus have referred to themselves by different names over the ages: Mycenaeans, Dannoi, Peloponnesians, Yunan, Achaea, Greci, Romanoi, HELLas, etc, etc! When the recent ancestors of the “current inhabitants” of *Modern Greece* illegally annexed 51% of the Ottoman occupied Macedonian nation in 1913 they referred to the territory as *New Territories*, then not long afterwards changed the name to *Northern Greece*, then once again in August 1988 to *Macedonia*! (the Greek province of) (it seems that they have a bad habit of changing names and falsifying history!)
Actually, not only do they have a bad habit of changing names and falsifying history, but they also have a knack of taking other people’s symbols and putting them onto flags of their own design and imagination! (thus provoking those people) Then they change the flag design at their own whim and fancy! (to match current political trends and to offset their northern neighbour!)
There were sculptures which depicted lions. (and lion’s heads!) There was King Philip II’s body armour. It contained three small lion heads which were molded into it! Philip=Ph-ili-p=Iliy Leo=Lion=Ilion=Iliy (The Sun God in the form of a Lion on earth!) Tsar Samoil was a medieval Macedonian King who managed to establish a short lived Macedonian State/Empire. His symbol was a two-tailed lion with a crown on its head! Samoil=Samo/Only, Il = Iliy=Only Iliy. The Modern Macedonian coat of arms has the same two-tailed lion with a crown on its head.
There was this coin which had the inion BACILICCAKLEOPATRA forged around a female head!? This I made out to be Queen Cleopatra (69 – 31 BC) who was the last monarch of the ruling Macedonian Ptolemaic Dynasty in Ancient Egypt. Basil- B=V,Vasil-Va =Vo =In,Sil=Power,*Vo Sil* means *In Power* in Modern Macedonian! Vasilicca=Vo-Sil-i-cca =(cca, tsa, is the female gender referring to Queen!) Thus Basil means King and Basilicca means Queen! (Notice Sila=S-il-a=Iliy. As in the *power* of the Sun God Iliy!) Many centuries later, at the time of the ruling Macedonian Dynasty of the Byzantine Empire around 1000 AD there were the (Macedonian Emperors) Basil I & Basil II.
As I was trying to comprehend all this, I noticed that there was this tour guide who was escorting a dozen or so elderly people around the place. He was trying to explain to them what the artifacts meant! (allegedly!) I couldn’t believe it when he introduced himself as Mr. Ilias Vassilakis! Ilias=Iliy and Vassilakis=Vo-Sil=In Power=King.
By the mention of his name Ilias Vassilakis I began to realize that the people of the Ancient City-States not only inherited proto-Slavic blood, but also proto-Slavic culture as well! (I think the Greek government knew this all along but was trying to prevent this leaking out at all costs!) *Modern Greeks* then are mere *hybrids*(and/or mongrels). Not that there is anything wrong with that by all means. The *Modern Greek* genetic make-up (referring to the territory south of Mt. Olympus) must contain the yoke of the numerous invaders, occupiers and settlers who have inhabited this land over the ages, including the indigenous *southern*Aegean proto-Slav Pelasgians! (Yes Slav *Yoke*, the very same people they so loathe and despise!)
Thus, by using the name *Greek* to refer to both the Ancient and Modern people, the Greek State (founded in 1829) falsely implies direct descent for the Modern Greeks from the Ancients!


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