In the making of the ancient *Internati Koine*or *Common Language* (which has been hijacked by the Modern State of Greece and called *Greek* today) the Ancient Peloponnesians or the people of the Ancient City-States started to add phonemes and symbols onto foreign/indigenous words in the evolution of their own language! In this language (Koine) the overwhelming selection of words were of indigenous proto-Slavic origin (i.e. *southern* Aegean Pelasgian and/or Phoenician) and a lesser amount were Arab words. (i.e. Sub-Saharan/Afro-Asiatic Mycenaean Colonists/Invaders and/or Egyptian words). However, some words were not translated and left as original! These words are similar to today’s Macedonian words! (I also informed my Maltese friend that Malta too was a Phoenician colony!) On the other hand US Scientists today are not counting on Modern Greeks as even belonging to the Indo-European peoples because the Modern Greek Language, a bastardized form of the ancient International Mediterranean Koine or Common Language, has so many Arabisms!)
As mentioned, the Modern State of Greece (not to be confused with the Ancient City-States) has adopted (hijacked) the ancient International Mediterranean Koine language of the time and has classified (falsified) it as *Greek* today! This would be like the African, former French colony of *Niger* taking the French language and claiming it as theirs! By doing this, the Modern Greeks (not to be confused with the people of the Ancient City-States) may also think they can claim a stake on many other countries around the Mediterranean, even the Jewish! (remember the Old Testament was translated from Hebrew to Koine!)
The Greek government’s intention was to victimize the Modern Macedonians, remembering they don’t speak any Koine at all today! (so-called *Greek* today) The inions unearthed were written in a form that *Modern Greeks* could not comprehend! As mentioned, Koine had evolved so much and had acquired so many foreign elements over the years that it had become bastardized and hardly resembled the original!
We know from history that the Ancient Macedonians also spoke another language besides poor and/or broken Koine (later becoming somewhat bi-lingual!) Evidence of this also comes from the Ancient Macedonians enemies, the Ancient City-States themselves and the likes of the Athenian Demosthenes who called King Philip II of Macedon a *barbarian*, meaning a *babbler* or *blubberer* of foreign speech!
Too bad the Greek government didn’t reveal what this *other* language was by showing even older, very Ancient proto-Slavic ini which they are no doubt hiding from the eyes of the world! (which is what Koine itself is overwhelmingly created from! After 1,600 BC!) In the artificial borders of the Balkans today, how can one on the side of The Republic of Maced find an abundance of very ancient proto-Slavic inions in the ground (which is the root language of the Modern Macedonians) and over the border in artificial Greece nothing has been found that we know of!? Hmmm!? I smell a rat! You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out what Greece is really hiding before the eyes of the world!
There were prominent displays of the Ancient Macedonian sun-symbol which appeared on coins and vases. However, throughout their history the Sub-Saharan/Afro-Asiatic Mycenaean Colonists and many centuries later the Ancient City-States themselves had never used this symbol! It had never appeared on an Ancient City-State coin or other relic! Likewise, the Modern Greeks had never seen or knew anything about this symbol before! (that is before 1978!) Across the artificial border in The Republic of Macedonia the Macedonian sun-symbol, on the other hand, can be found engraved on century old churches and monasteries! It is also common in the handmade centuries old fabric designs etc!
In 1988 we had the provocative situation when the Turkish Christians (settlers in the Greek occupied part of Macedonia from the 1920’s) began displaying a flag with a “blue” Macedonian sun-symbol on a white background. (This therefore matching the Modern Greek flag or Bavarian flag which depicts blue and white stripes!).
In 2006 we have the pathetic situation where the Turkish Christians (and other impostors) are flying proudly a new version of this flag! It is now the golden Macedonian sun-symbol on a blue background! What next?


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