The Macedonian Sun

The Macedonian Sun is undoubtedly the oldest symbol in the world that still survives as cultural symbol of the Macedonians. This 8-rayed and 16-rayed Macedonian Sun had been cherished by the Macedonians for over 3,000 years.

It appears on the coins, military equipment, and art of the ancient Macedonian kingdom, and continued to be National Insignia of the Macedonians throughout history to modern times. The Macedonian sun is found in the icons and frescoes in the churches throughout the whole territory of divided Macedonia, and speaks of volumes of tradition as the Macedonian nation had cherished it for centuries.

Macedonia became independent country in 1991 and on its flag adopted the ancient old Macedonian Sun. This sun is the ethnic symbol of the Macedonian nation all across the world

To commemorate the independence, the Macedonian postal system issued a stamp depicting the Macedonian flag in 1992.


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  1. macedon Says:

    fucking greecs

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